Gambling Legislation

Gambling laws, including minimum age to place a bet, the types of games that are legal and procedures for cashing out vary on various aspects. The legality within the country is the first check that should be made when gambling while travelling or even when placing a bet online, every country has its own gambling laws and legislation that will be applied across all platforms.

Some parts of the world embrace gambling and all it has to offer, places like North America and the United Kingdom, while others, such as Poland and Thailand are so restrictive it’s barely worth even trying to play.

In this section, I’ll break down the very basics of gambling legislation and laws and regulation to try and make it easier to understand. It’s always worth having a feel for the climate of law in a country you are gambling in to avoid any confusion or legal repercussions.

Online Gambling

online gambling

With online gambling and betting, usually, it is very unlikely that you are breaking the law by using an online gambling/betting site. Most of the legislation relating to online gambling is targeted at the sites themselves, and the companies that operate them, not the people using them.

Sometimes, local laws WILL strictly prohibit online gambling so check the laws in place with your country before starting online. Sometimes these local laws only apply to certain games, with others being legal to play.

Make sure you check out the licensing of any gambling website you use and research their legitimacy, some licensing authorities will give a license to anyone with enough money, while more reputable ones will ensure the site is up to the highest trading standards.

Casino Gambling

caesar's palace, vegas

There is nearly always a minimum age of entry to casinos, and like all other laws, this varies locally. In the UK it is 18, the US can vary between 18 and 21, but Las Vegas, in the state of Nevada is strictly 21.

If visiting the Far East, Macau is always the place to go, with a minimum age of 18 for visitors or 21 for locals. Gabling for cash is illegal in Japan, but you can win prizes or tokens when in a casino.

In Monaco at the Monte Carlo casino, the minimum age is 18 and you can only gamble for 30 minutes at a time, even with big stakes, there is no way around this.

Always check your local gambling laws if you are thinking of delving into the world of winning money. Some countries are more open to the idea of gambling and more relaxed in their laws than others, but making sure you’re on the right side of the law is the best way to get a great gambling experience.

If you do find yourself in legal trouble, always consult with a lawyer or legal advisor for the best and most accurate information. A working knowledge of the law in your locality will improve your chances of staying safe from legal trouble and make it easier to find the best sites/casinos for you to use.