Is online gambling legal?

Gambling laws vary from country to country, this isn’t much of a problem online as the laws tend to be more aimed towards the sites themselves rather than those using them. When gambling in person at a casino or poker house these laws come much more into play as laws in the country you are doing it in. Check out our gambling legislation page to find out more about the country you plan to gamble in.

How old must I be to gamble online?

Again, this depends on local laws which can be found here. Usually, the age requirement will be 18, but on some sites/in some countries it may be 21. Don’t lie about your age as most of the time you’ll need to verify your date of birth when cashing out, and don’t use a fake ID to get into casinos, this can get you in a lot of trouble and may result in a ban.

Can I really win money?

Of course! Why do you think millions of people all over the world invest their hard earned cash into the gambling business. There are always financial returns to be had, and once you get the skills and theories down and understand the smart way to gamble, you can 100% see a significant amount of winnings.

What is the best form of online gambling?

This totally depends on your skill level and the house edge of the establishment you are gambling with. Casino and bingo games are subject to a lot of luck rather than skill, but there are still methods you can put into practice to benefit financially from these. Poker games are much better if you have the skill. Find out how to be the best poker player here.

Should I use a gambling system?

While gambling systems don’t usually work with casino games, as it’s rare to find a system that can beat the house edge, there are certain systems that can benefit in a game of poker and with sports betting. There are always new systems being developed and theorised and I’m here to try them out and let you know if they work.

What casino game has the best odds?

Blackjack usually has the best odds for a decent return and is often the most favourable. The house favour ranges between 0.15% and 0.45% depending on their version of the game and the house rules and the amount of decks used. If a single deck is used, this gives a slightly more favourable edge to the player.

How do you get comps at Casinos?

A comp, or complementaries, are ‘gifts’ given by a casino when you play at their tables. These can range from free rooms to food or drinks. The casino will decide on how much of a comp to give you depending on how much your initial bet is. The full guide to comps can be found on our blog here.

You need to gamble at the casino you are wanting to get a comp from. The three basic things to do to get a comp is to:

a) ask for them

b) ask to be given a rating for future comps


c) give the floorman a credit/debit card to keep on record for rating. Find out more on our complete guide to getting comps.

How hard is it to play poker?

Poker can be a complicated game and seems a little overwhelming at first. But once you get the basics down, there really is no better game. Learning to figure out the odds in your favour is the hardest part and having a strong game face is essential – the phrase ‘poker face’ wasn’t invented by accident!


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