• 19/02/2018
  • The Recipe for Luck

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    The Recipe for Luck

    It’s not just gambling that requires luck every now and then. Good and bad fortune seems to follow everyone around during their daily lives. The universe conspires with or against people, and it can be impossible to tell how apparently disparate actions brought themselves together and created a single consequence. Luck is a concept with some stigma attached; people can blame bad luck for their mistakes and lament their lack of good luck when they haven’t been trying hard enough. The secret is that luck is what you make of it, and seeing it in a new light can greatly affect how fortunate you are. Take a look at these three ways you can concoct your own version of luck.…
  • 19/07/2017
  • Beginner’s Luck Comes in Different Forms

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    Beginner’s Luck Comes in Different Forms

    Novels have been written about it; movies have been made about it and philosophical concepts have been developed to try and harness it – all I know is beginner’s luck does indeed exist and there’s perhaps no better representation of this phenomenon than the different forms you see it in as it plays out in the world of casinos and gambling.…
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