Have you ever thought of setting up your own mini casino in your own? Want to have the edge when it comes to poker night with your buddies?

Having the best equipment and accessories is essential for setting up your own casino and putting your bets into practices before hitting the houses and making some real money.

Or maybe you’re a high roller already, making moves in casinos and beginning to make a name for yourself, and you need some extras to really make yourself stand out and build a reputation.

Here are my top picks for all the accessories you’ll need to be a casino superstar.

Poker Chips

If you’re at a casino, you’ll have to use the house chips, and can’t use your own. But there’s no reason you can’t go all out and get your own chips to either practice with at home or use on poker nights. Having the best chips can really put you ahead of the curve and gives your home casino a great edge.

These handmade wooden poker chips can be customised with a unique design, lettering or message. They’re great as a gift or buy them for yourself to begin building your home empire.

wooden poker chips


No casino would be complete without a stylish set of cards. Versatile and necessary, get only the best and always have a hand to remember, no matter what you’re dealt.

Artisan make the most beautiful playing cards which are hand designed in South Africa, these cards have a lux look and feel and come delivered in a unique hand-crafted wooden box.

Artisan playing cards

Money Clip

When you’re rolling up to casinos and exchanging cash in style, you’re going to need a money clip that cements your position and gives you a stylish edge. William Henry has some great money clips that strike the perfect balance between luxury and modesty.

The Zurich Krypton is my favourite from their collection, made from titanium and carbon fiber with subtle rainforest topaz details. The money clip is long-lasting and well worth the investment.

money clip

Croupier Rake

While you may not get much use out of a croupier’s rake yourself, seeing as you’ll be too busy placing the bets, it won’t hurt to have a premium rake in your casino repertoire.

Geoffrey Parker makes the most exquisite accessories, with a really authentic edge that gives the air of luxury with the showing off. The Roulette Croupier’s Rake is perfect to have to hand for your croupier to use.

croupier rake

Roulette Wheel

When you are practising a roulette system, you’ll need a good quality, new style wheel. The most common wheel brands are by John Huxley, Abbiati and Cammegh. My personal favourites are Cammegh, as a lot of casinos use the brand and they offer a wide range of styles that are all a consistently high standard.

The Cammegh Continental has the traditional French styling but using modern technology to keep the wheel in prime condition. The mahogany wood veneer and chrome plated capstan and cone give the perfect backdrop for practising a system.

roulette wheel