Why We Fell In Love With Online Slots

Why We Fell In Love With Online Slots

Everybody gambles online these days, don’t they? Go back to the turn of the century and you had to either find a fruit machine in the corner of a bar or head down to a physical casino if you wanted to play a slot machine. You could still do that today if you wanted to, and we’re not saying you shouldn’t. We’re sure your local casino would love your money and support, and so would your local bar!
But more and more of us do our gambling online, and as availability and understanding of the internet has increased, so has the percentage of people who prefer to use the virtual medium for gambling instead of the physical. Even well established brands like William Hill, who can trace their origins back to 1934, now do more business online than they do in person.

So what’s changed? Why, and when, did we all fall in love with online slots and online gambling? What is it about playing through the internet that keeps us coming back for more?

The Variety

If you’re old enough, think about the types of land based slot machines that were available in your local bar. Chances are they only had one or two, and they were either plain old fruit machines, or had a loose connection to a TV or game show that was popular at the time. The theme of the game was unlikely to mean anything to you; you were just there to try to take some money out of it.

Contrast that with the variety of themes available to players today. Take a long look at the homepage of Egyptslots.com and see how many different, tailored approaches they’ve taken to providing a game that will suit your interests and your mood. Want to play a title related to your favorite movie series? You’ll find it. Are you interested in ancient history? There are several titles related to that. Big on horror stories? There are spooky games to keep you occupied. In short, not being tied to physical machines means manufacturers can go wild with the gaming experience. Gambling is more fun when you’re engaged with the game you’re playing, and online slot machines offer that engagement.

The Ability To Play When You Want To

Going and playing a land based slot machine involves going out of the house, and usually taking a short journey, too. Getting out of the house is a good thing, but when it’s raining, or dark, or cold, it’s not the most attractive prospect in the world. Those of us who just gamble for fun might not even want to make a trip out purely to do a little gambling, and so weeks or even months might pass between trips. Online gambling solves that problem.

Now you can gamble when it suits you. That can be in bed through a tablet or smartphone just before you go to sleep or get up. It can be during journeys to or from somewhere else. It can be during your lunch break at work. It can be any time you like. You can load up when you feel like it, and close it down just as quickly when you’re done. Online slot machines are easily available, and work at your convenience.

They Work To Your Budget

The more advanced titles out there on the market have a neat feature; they allow you to set the value of the minimum and maximum stake you can place on each spin. If you’re a high roller with the budget to support it, you can play for big money, with the risks and rewards that go with it. If you’re more of a cautious player, you can set the stake at its lowest point and play just for fun, with the chance of a small win if you strike lucky.

That wasn’t an option back when slot machines only existed in a physical format. If the bottom price was two dollars, then you were spending two dollars on every spin, and it was as simple as that. High rollers didn’t really get the thrill they were looking for, and people who didn’t want to spend a lot of money were put off even getting involved. Online slot machines offer more range and choice to their players. That’s a good thing!

You Don’t Need To Worry About Other People

This might not apply to you, but some people actually find casinos intimidating. If they’re new to the habit, they worry about not knowing what to do, or irritating other players with their lack of knowledge. They don’t know how to get started, and they don’t want to look foolish in front of other people. Because of all that, they rule gambling out as a hobby before they even give themselves a chance to get started.

Having the ability to play online means that you can hone your craft without the fear of judgment, or putting pressure on yourself. A lot of the better online slot games even let you play for free, with no money on the line, so you can become familiar with each game and how it works. You only need to put real money at stake when you’re completely comfortable with what you’re doing. Not only that, you’re free to play without interruption or interference. Most experienced gamblers can tell you a story about a time when someone came up to them to talk, and broke their concentration in the middle of a good run at a land casino. It’s annoying, and it’s something that can’t happen if you’re playing alone in the comfort of your own home.

There are some aspects of land casinos that online slots can’t replicate (yet!), and so it’s good to keep visiting every now and then to experience the real thing in the flesh. Getting together with your partner or your best friends and heading down to the casino is a great night out, and long may it continue. But thanks to the rise of online casinos, it’s no longer the only way to enjoy a flutter. That’s something we should all be grateful for!

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