Why Successful Entrepreneurs Can’t Resist the Thrill of the Spin

Why Successful Entrepreneurs Can’t Resist the Thrill of the Spin

I really thought I’m the only one who considers himself to be a successful entrepreneur and has that somehow being interlinked with an inability to resist the thrill of the spin. The truth is that I’m not in fact the only one – it appears to be a universal thing amongst entrepreneurs who have figured out how to make it happen and for once in my life I was interested to find out just exactly why this is so.

It wasn’t all that difficult because ultimately I could really just look internally and consider the possible reasons why I myself love to hit the casino for some serous gambling in addition to trying my luck online. Well, in all honestly I wouldn’t really refer to it as “trying one’s luck” because any gambler who makes a living out of what should otherwise be a pastime knows that a lot of planning and strategising goes into it.

So anyway, I decided to engage in some deeper conversation with fellow gamblers than what we usually talk about, specifically targeting those fellow gamers with whom I share the casino floor during those times of the day when the typical working class citizens are slaving away at work. That’s where the first reason behind entrepreneurs’ love for taking a chance and enjoying the thrill of the spin revealed itself…

Building Business Contacts

Formal suit-rocking businessmen like hitting up the golf course to discuss business or to network, while those of us who consider ourselves to be of the entrepreneurial ilk prefer a much more relaxed setting such as a casino as the ultimate networking platform. Take it from me – it is indeed a platform over which we can really blow off some steam as well and to a certain extent flaunt the fruits of our labour a bit. It’s as simple as this – if someone can be betting away at the high-rollers roulette table or slots machine at a time of day when the average person is working in an office somewhere, that in itself is a demonstration of their inclination to do things their own way and play by their own rules, much like how an entrepreneur is through-and-through!

Never mind the fact that there is what can be considered to be somewhat of an underbelly to this practice, that being the fact that most of these entrepreneurs who love the thrill of the spin don’t lose their entrepreneurial heads while placing bets. To the unsuspecting onlooker, this casino-loving entrepreneur may appear to be aimlessly wasting their money in exchange for a faint chance at winning big, but what they don’t know is that the likelihood is each of those bets are “hedged” in some or other way. Additionally, if we take things to the online space, the typical entrepreneur makes use of special offers and promos, like using a Baccarat squeeze bonus to get extra credits and extra spins, thereby increasing their odds of winning and giving themselves some extra leeway to be in on the action that much longer.

It’s about way more than just taking a blind chance at winning with entrepreneurs who simply cannot resist the thrill of the spin!

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