Why Every Gambler Needs to Experience Vegas at Least Once

Why Every Gambler Needs to Experience Vegas at Least Once

If you’ve not experienced the Vegas strip at least once in your life, you could probably lay very little claim to being a real gambler. Every gambler should indeed experience Las Vegas at least once, if only to say you’ve had that Vegas experience.

To the true gambler it’s the casino world’s version of getting inked however, because once you get that experience of Vegas once, you’ll want to keep going back for more.

More than just gambling

Well look I’m a true gambler at heart — a gambler who even makes his full-time income through the thrill of the spin, but I’ll tell you that Las Vegas offers a lot more than just gambling, although the casinos will have you believe that that’s what visiting the city of sin is all about. In fact, there’s a lot of family fun to be had as well if you’re not travelling as light as the likes of myself.

You can all visit the Hoover Dam for a very interesting guided tour and if you’re perhaps a newly-crowned high-roller who’s just won some mega bucks on the strip, you can do a helicopter tour of the dam. Otherwise there a plenty of theme parks for some mega fun for the entire family, so too some of those iconic Las Vegas live shows featuring the most popular voices of our time. A certain Celine Dion springs to mind as someone who has graced the stages of the Las Vegas live shows and that’s just how big the names get.

Beyond the family fun however — I mean it’s not called sin city for nothing. You can take your pick form all the vices this world has to offer and if you’re a particular fan of the night life, it doesn’t get any better than this.

In recent times however, going back to around 2011 to be precise, Las Vegas as we’ve known it for as long as it has existed came under a bit of threat as a legacy of the 2008-2009 global financial crisis. Some casinos were even on the brink of closing down completely while others reinvented themselves to the ones we see standing today.

Focus switched from purely catering to the gambler to fall more on offering the complete hospitality package. So you can enjoy some fine dining in addition to the $2 all-you-can-eat buffets you still find inside casinos (they used to be $1 buffets) and you can enjoy some peace and quiet at a casino resort for a nice holiday retreat if that’s your flavour.
To the gambler however, the famous Las Vegas strip will have you feeling like you died and walked into heaven.

here’s every kind of game to try your luck with and see if you can’t perhaps make your fortune in the most glamorous of ways possible and there is every bit of complementary entertainment to go along with the central activity of gambling.

Heck even the air tastes different in Vegas, making for one of many sources of its intoxicating appeal.

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