The Recipe for Luck

The Recipe for Luck

It’s not just gambling that requires luck every now and then. Good and bad fortune seems to follow everyone around during their daily lives. The universe conspires with or against people, and it can be impossible to tell how apparently disparate actions brought themselves together and created a single consequence. Luck is a concept with some stigma attached; people can blame bad luck for their mistakes and lament their lack of good luck when they haven’t been trying hard enough. The secret is that luck is what you make of it, and seeing it in a new light can greatly affect how fortunate you are. Take a look at these three ways you can concoct your own version of luck.

One: Clear Your Vision

Good luck never seems to fall upon those who can’t appreciate it. Have you ever known someone with a comfortable life and few problems yet always complains about their misfortune? Pessimists naturally view the world through a filter that casts bad luck onto everything they experience. If they are hoping for a promotion, their negativity will subtly affect the outcome and, if the promotion is not forthcoming, they will blame bad luck. Further to this, people who shrink their perception of bad luck and focus on positivity are more likely to feel as if they are rolling in good fortune. This is not unrealistic or harmful; in fact, viewing the world in this light makes you more appreciative and grateful when good luck rolls your way, making it feel as if you are on a never-ending lucky streak. 

Two: Set Yourself Up

Once you’ve opened your eyes to the possibility of receiving good luck, you must start to behave in such a way that makes good luck attract to you. For example, you cannot simply wish for your interview to go well and expect luck to do the rest. Take a look at i resume cover letter and refine your resume to give your chances a boost. Set the scene for success, and you’ll be sure to see better results than if you didn’t. When you create more opportunities for yourself, luck has more chance of finding you. Don’t close yourself off from potential by ignoring ways of helping yourself. 

Three: Know When to Stop

Whether you’ve experienced a bout of good fortune or a painful dry spell, it can be tempting to press onward until something better comes along. Unfortunately, this means draining resources and energy into a lost cause. Cut your losses and know when to remove yourself from a situation. There is a common fallacy that sunk costs are worth accumulating in the hopes of maybe achieving something at the end. Just because you have spent so many years doing something doesn’t mean that quitting makes those years wasted. If you are pursuing a goal and have yet to see tangible results, there is no shame in changing tactics or dropping it altogether. Picture your desired result in your mind and give yourself a realistic deadline by which to achieve it. Do not extend this deadline.

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