The Most Common Basic Online Betting Strategies

The Most Common Basic Online Betting Strategies

Sure, there are indeed some people who wouldn’t hesitate to refer to themselves as pure leisure gamblers who go into a casino for nothing but a good time that comes with the possibility of winning some good money, but that in itself is one of many betting strategies which can be associated with any and all forms of gambling. Our focus in on online betting in particular as we discuss the categories under which these strategies fall.

Keep in mind that these aren’t official online betting strategies in any way, but if you take a closer look at your own betting style you’ll realise that yours does indeed fall into one or more of these categories, or perhaps some other strategies which I won’t be able to cover in just one post.

Blind luck, leisure betting

I suppose I’ve pretty already covered this particular betting strategy, which simply has the bettor relying on blind luck and leaving any prospects of winning to the spin of the wheel. Normally the blind luck better plays for fun, which is why it’s referred to as the blind luck-leisure betting strategy.

This is often how mega jackpots are won, as a matter of fact!

Consistency betting

Adding a little bit of mathematical stats fundamentals to the blind luck-leisure betting strategy produces consistency betting, which basically means that you increase your chances of winning by sticking to one online slots platform and perhaps even one specific game. It would naturally have to be a game which is fun in addition to the prospect of it landing you some big winnings, because it can get rather boring rather quickly just spinning away at the wheel.

Analytical betting

Analytical betting takes us even deeper within the principles of mathematical statistics and would have you analysing the betting environment to apply very specific bets that fall in line with an emerging pattern identified. No online betting strategy could ever be a sure-fire one which will always yield rewards however, because otherwise it wouldn’t be called gambling or betting to start off with.

Incremental gains betting

Incremental gains bettors prefer to play pure numbers games like the European Roulette, simply because it affords them the opportunity to make incremental gains that are collected in drips and drabs over longer periods. The risk to it is that if the spin goes against you just once out of the many times that it goes in your favour, you stand to lose more than you’ve gained.

It’s a very popular strategy amongst professional gamblers who seek to raise a little bit of “start-up betting” capital with which they then effectively bet for free.

Bringing it all together for the ultimate online betting strategy

If you can find a way to bring all the strategies discussed above together then you’ll be operating within that small bracket of those online bettors who come away with more winnings than losses, but the ultimate key to success is consistency. The more consistent you are, the better the odds of winning, but you’ll have to take advantage of any windows of opportunity that present themselves, like when something like the progressive jackpot is particularly big.

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