The Legitimacy of Online Casinos

The Legitimacy of Online Casinos

I was perhaps a bit too young to gamble in those days, apparently, but when we think back to the height of the dot-com boom-bust, some of the earlier online casinos come to mind. I’ll give it to you straight — I helped myself to one of my father’s credit cards so that I could get my online gambling fix back when I was too young to even shave and my voice hadn’t broken yet, which was complementary to sneaking into physical casinos to get my live betting fix.

Looking back in hindsight now I reckon although it was all rather naughty of yours truly, all of that came with a lot of lessons I carry with me to this day. For one, I can’t say for certain that there was even one legitimate online gambling platform back when the typical gambling site was pretty much driven by what the IT and programming guys refer to as a scripting language, JavaScript. Apparently, hat’s very significant because if a gambling site ran on this JavaScript today, it would be hacked to bankruptcy by even the most novice of hackers.

This inevitably brings about the question of whether or not those early iterations of gambling sites weren’t indeed being hacked all the time and I strongly suspect that they were because I’d certainly never won any significant amount of money back then. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve won any money at all, bar the occasional $5 here and there which only serves to make you want to keep playing in the hope of eventually winning properly. All the better as well, because what would have happened if say I’d won a million? It would need to be withdrawn to my father’s credit card issuing bank and I think I’m correct in saying that a million is a significant amount which would raise some flags if not some alerts.

I think my dad knew what I was up to though because I mean he received credit card statements each month and they’d clearly show that someone had been using the credit card for some online gambling.

Anyway, the lessons I carry forward largely speak to being able to gauge the legitimacy of an online gambling platform. Before you even start using a site, you should always do some research on it first. It’s pretty easy to find in-depth reviews of the sites online, so take some time to read them. The bingo cash reviews on the Joywallet website are a great example. If a site doesn’t have any online reviews, then that is the first major red flag. But after that, the first indicator for this legitimacy is the platform’s verification process, which would require you to fill in some personal details that match those of your funding source. If an online casino doesn’t emphasise identity verification of any sort, especially if you win some money you want to withdraw, run (after withdrawing the money of course) — the site will probably reveal itself not to be that legitimate down the line sometime, if you’re lucky enough to actually get the money you’ve won.

Lastly, look out for the funding and withdrawal methods used by the site. The more it offers the more likely it is to be legit, but what’s important is that the biller is the same as the online casino itself, or in fact is the parent company which owns that specific online casino platform, maybe along with other online casinos as well.

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