The Intriguing World of Private Gambling

The Intriguing World of Private Gambling

I’ll give it to you straight and say that private gambling is for the high-rollers, which means if you have to think about the bets you’re placing you have no place in private gambling rooms. That said however, it is a rather intriguing world is that of private gambling.

By Invitation

Okay so it’s not exclusively by invitation that you’d be afforded the privilege of enjoying a private gambling experience, but the general rule is that it is indeed by invitation. Normally this is an invitation which is extended to casino loyalty programme members or card holders in that the casino operator can pretty much track your interactions with them. So if you use the card to gain free access at the gates the system has a record of how many times you’ve visited the casino, in the same way which using your card to enjoy the actual games logs on the system how much money you’ve played with and how much you’ve won.

It’s not so much on some CIA level — all they want is to be able to offer more appropriate experiences for those of their guests whose engagement habits warrant it, like if the data shows that your engagement drops considerably when the casino is fuller, those make for some grounds to perhaps invite you out- back so that you can enjoy some private gaming, don’t they?

So generally if you’re not exclusively invited for some private gambling, don’t bother inquiring about it. It’s something which has to find you, so to say and not the other way around.

Don’t Expect to Win

What? This coming from someone who prides himself on earning a decent and consistent living from gambling! Let me explain. When you go beyond the main casino floor and through the doors of the private gambling rooms, you in effect lessen your chances of winning. Well actually that depends on what type of games you’ll be betting on.
If you’re going to be playing slots machines, unless you’re a high-roller, the same slots which you’ll find on the main gambling floor will cost more per spin in the private room. The slots machines in the private gambling room have higher minimum bets, which means you’ll have less time to put yourself in line to benefit from the winning chance that comes around once in a while, unless of course you’re a high-roller, as mentioned.

This is why the progressive jackpots in the private game rooms are lower and slower to accumulate to anything significant, unless of course the progressive jackpot is universal and is added to by all the participating slots machines throughout the casino.

If you rather choose to play at a table though then your odds of winning are pretty much the same as those in the general gaming area, the only difference is the stakes are much higher so it might just also go back to you having fewer chances of winning since you take fewer spins as a result of having to place larger minimum bets.
So private gambling is more about fun and socialising than about purely expecting to win.

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