The Best Gambling Movies

The Best Gambling Movies

Have you ever asked yourself what gambling was like in the early days? To get an answer to this question, you need to check out the many gambling movies currently available from the movie archives. You might have to check out the best vpn for torrenting first, especially if you are unable to watch them specifically online and will need to download them. Betting with money and other valuables is as old as money and gold themselves, whether lawful or not. Modern casinos started in China and Europe. Gamblers often recorded their gaming escapades. Images portraying gambling can be observed on art relics dating as far as the Ming dynasty of China. Today, many gambling movies eliminate the need to visit gambling archives whenever you need to know some facts about gambling. Whether it is for educational purposes or sheer entertainment part of it, there are hordes of both classic and fairly new gambling movies that you may find entertaining.


IMDb rating: 8.2/10

Release Date: 1995

casino film

This is the most outstanding gambling movie that never misses a spot on any gambling movie fanatic’s favourites list. Of course, it had to be set in Las Vegas. This crime and gambling thriller narrates a story about the menace of mob-operated casinos in Las Vegas. Robert De Niro starred as a rogue casino owner with mafia links while Joe Pesci stars as a deranged enforcer whose escalating erratic behaviour gradually begins to put both of their lives in harm’s way. Sharon Stone joins the set as a former prostitute and hustler and eventually cohabits with the casino owner. What follows is an epic encounter of law, mafia and the damsel in the fringes of Las Vegas and San Diego.

The Sting

IMDb rating: 8.3/10

Release date: 1973

the sting film

This is yet another classic gambling blockbuster set in the golden era of casino gaming. Robert Redford and Paul Newman had never made a sizzling combo on any set until the filming of The Sting. The two starred as conmen, one a newbie and the other a veteran. They organise a ploy to swindle an opulent criminal boss whose taste for gambling is unsurpassed by no one else. It turns out that the criminal boss is bitter and has placed a bounty on Redford’s head over a previous swindle. Twists and turns ensue as the criminal boss unleashes relentless tracking efforts to dispense his revenge. Their escapades are complicated and dangerous and will leave you biting your nails.

Casino Royale

IMDb rating: 8/10

Release date: 2006

casino royale film

It is a 21st film in the adventurous James Bond movie series with a touch of poker/roulette. It stars Daniel Craig who goes by as a both poker-crazy and atrocious James Bond. A critically decisive contest is staged in Monte Carlo in which Bond is required to challenge the protagonist in an all-or-none showdown. Bond wins, only to realise that he has been ripped off his prize money. What follows is a furious adventure punctuated with double agents, kidnappings, and many mind-bending casino tricks. This is a superb gambling movie of the recent past.

The Hustler

IMDb rating: 8/10

Release date: 1961

the hustler film

This movie was set in an era during which online gambling was starting to be a reality just like it was for the first moon landing. In the film, Paul Newman stars as an inexperienced gambler but with great pool enthusiasm. He goes out to challenge Minnesota Fats (a legendary pool bigwig) and ends up gaining useful experience. He eventually wins the heart of Bert Gordon who embarks on mentoring him. This movie returns gamblers back to the ages when backrooms and pool halls – the precursors of modern gambling – were popular.

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