The 3 Golden Rules of Responsible Gambling

The 3 Golden Rules of Responsible Gambling

There is a unique allure to gambling. It is one of those things that you either get or you don’t. For those that don’t, it is baffling why anyone would want to risk their money on the, often not very big, chance that they might win some more money. However, for those among us who understand the urges and impulses that keep us coming back for more, there is something at times seductive about gambling.

This is why it is so important to understand the risks. In particular, every gambler should know the warning signs of addiction. The notion that someone might become addicted to an activity, rather than a substance, might seem strange at first. The science is very clear though; with gambling, and alcohol, and drugs, it is the rush of dopamine we receive which makes us feel good and which makes the behavior addictive.

Practicing responsible gambling is easy, until it’s too late of course. That’s why it is a good idea for every healthy gambler to practice responsible gambling and ensure that they can continue to enjoy their gambling without it becoming self destructive. Practicing online with risk-free games is a great way to practice, or you can bet on cryptocurrency using an eos casino if you’re not willing to risk your hard-earned cash. Once you’re confident with the games, you’ll be in a better position to place bets on real money.

Never Bet What You Cannot Afford to Lose

If there is a golden rule of responsible gambling then this is it. This advice is in fact borrowed from the world of investing, and while it might seem self explanatory and obvious, it is very important and worth considering. When it comes to making investments, investors have a wealth of information to work with that can inform their decisions. On the other hand, a casino offers no such luxuries, it is up to lady luck and no one else.

It is therefore essential that you only ever gamble with money that you could live without. This means that, no matter how much you lose, you will not be able to ruin your finances.

Find Other Ways to Get the Rush

Addictions, both psychological and physical, are complex diseases. But, in a crude sense, it is the release of dopamine that causes us to become addicted to certain things. Dopamine is released during pleasurable activities, including alcohol, drugs, sex, and exercise. If you notice that the rate at which you gamble, or the amounts that you are gambling with, are increasing, consider taking a short break.

Taking up a new sport can be helpful. Not only will you get more exercise and dopamine, but you will get to try out something new. For example, have you ever heard of pickleball? If not, you can find all the information, including the rules and the pickleball court size online.

Don’t be Afraid to Seek Help

If you feel like your gambling might be starting to become a problem, or other people in your life are raising it with you, it is important that you don’t feel afraid to seek help. There are organizations such as Gamblers Anonymous in every state. These and other support groups should be easy enough to find online.

Gambling is an, at times, thrilling pastime, and it is also a great way of meeting new people. However, gambling can become a problem if people overindulge. Always be ready to walk away from the table, and never ever bet with money you can’t afford to lose.

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