Sports Betting Inspiration for People Who Aren’t Sports Fans

Sports Betting Inspiration for People Who Aren’t Sports Fans

Look, when it comes to a game such as Poker and others that place a good chunk of their emphasis on skill and strategy in addition to the luck element, something like sports betting can really be uninspiring, especially if you don’t even have an interest in sports at all. If you harbor any ambitions of being referred to as anything close to a pro gambler however you’d be crazy not to bet on sports. This is the one area in which the odds are just right to win big based on some luck which comes around a lot more often than with something like the lottery, for example.

So I’m going to discuss some pointers which should at least inspire you to want to learn more about sports betting. To begin with, it is something you should be taking more seriously if you want to live the kind of life I am presently living, which is a life of jetting off to all manner of time zones to take full advantage of the thrill of the spin.

Learn the Rules of the Various Sports

I’ll reiterate — the winning odds in relation to the winnings offered by sports betting bookmakers are just too sumptuous for anyone who is serious about making a living from gambling to pass up on. You’d be foolish to ignore them because they’re a lot more realistic and are within reach. It’s not even a matter of guessing or analysing the results, but rather looking deeper than the regular parameters ordinarily used to effectively make a guess on which combination of teams is going to match the results.

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More on that in a sec though (patterns) — what I’m getting at with learning the rules is that you need to know how each sport is played in order for you to be able to analyse the results better. Get the basics of how football is played, rugby, cricket, baseball, basketball, etc. That way you can then crack the sports betting bookmakers’ code, which is to play on your emotions and sentiment when drawing up wagers and that leads me back to the discussion of patterns.


It’s not about guessing whether Barcelona FC is going to do what they usually do and beat a team like Malaga. No, it’s about detecting patterns and then betting according to those patterns. If you did know a thing or two about football, as used in the example featuring Barcelona Football Club, you’d put Barcelona down as a “banker” and bet for it to win just about every game it plays.

That’s what the bookmakers want though — they want you to bet on emotions. What you should rather do is try to detect overall patterns which stretch over the season. Barcelona, for example, loses a total of about three games per season, which means each season there are about three games for the astute sports better to walk away from a big winner.

Bet against the so-called bankers like Barcelona and hold out for when they lose. When one or more bankers lose their games, but mostly when at least two bankers lose their games, the jackpot is usually a colossal one, taken home by the one better who took emotions out of it and bet against the so-called bankers.

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