Possible Reasons Why Insurance Company May Refuse Your Car Accident Claim

Possible Reasons Why Insurance Company May Refuse Your Car Accident Claim

After getting into a car accident, you already have to deal with multiple financial, emotional, and physical burdens. However, an insurance company refusing to settle your claim can add to the already existing stress. While many people believe that insurance companies work in their favor, the reality may disappoint you.

Insurance companies work in their best interest and try to roll out minimum compensation. For this, the company will try its best to prove you were at fault. The reasons for your refusal to settle your claim may be invalid. This is where a car crash lawyer will examine the case and fight for your compensation.

Possible reasons for refusals.

  • Previous injuries

If you had a pre-existing injury before the accident occurred, there is a high chance that the insurance company will use it against you to claim that the injury did not happen due to the accident. Therefore, speak to a lawyer before providing medical records to the insurance company.

  • You already made a statement saying you are fine.

Giving out any statement without talking to an attorney may result in the refusal of your claim. Even your single answer of “I’m feeling fine” can be used against you. So, do not rush your statement. It would be recommended that you prioritize consulting an Southfield auto accident lawyer (or a qualified professional in another location) as your initial step.

  • The insurance company suspects you are making a false claim.

The insurance company does not give compensation simply because you told them you got into an accident. A complete investigation of your accident and injuries will be conducted. If the insurance company suspects that you are faking your injuries, your claim will be refused.

  • Insufficient evidence.

The insurance company needs reliable evidence that will prove all the losses. Two of the main pieces of evidence include establishing you were not responsible for the accident and that your injury resulted from the car accident. Make sure you get legal help from firms such as Wattel & York which can collect as much evidence as possible about your injury and help you win the claim.

  • Delayed or refused medical treatment.

After you get into an accident, it is advisable to seek medical treatment on the same day. If you delay or refuse medical treatment, the insurance company may use it against you to prove that your injury was not that serious, and you are making it up to get compensation. Moreover, without medical records, proving your injury can be challenging and result in denied compensation. This is why, it is always advisable to have a trusted personal injury lawyer on retainer who can help you out during or after any unforeseen accidents; learn more here about how they can be helpful in obtaining the right compensation for you.

Sometimes the reason for refusal may not be valid. In such cases, a lawyer can help you fight against the company and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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