• 28/01/2019
  • Five sport betting tips to make you better

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    Five sport betting tips to make you better

    If you're new to sports betting, you might wonder why you do not win as much as you want. Sports betting is not as easy as betting on your favourite team. You have to think about the opportunities, conditions and more. Handling sports betting can be quite complicated. Therefore, we give you some tips to help you win. Read on for more information. …
  • 18/01/2019
  • A $3 Million raise for the Triple Crown

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    A $3 Million raise for the Triple Crown

    Image Source: pixabay.

    This is going to be a smashing year and will keep a mark in the history of horse racing specifically for the Kentucky Derby as it will become the richest race of all time with a whopping increased purse to a guaranteed 3 Million dollars for the said first leg of the Triple Crown this May. …
  • 03/01/2019
  • The Evolution of Lotteries

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    The Evolution of Lotteries

    If you’ve been religiously playing the same set of lottery numbers for every single draw that has been completed as part of your local lottery, chances are you’ve won a considerable amount of money by now or you might have even won a big jackpot outright. This is one of the secrets to ever winning the lotto which nobody really ever seems to talk about, mostly because lotto winners justifiably want to remain anonymous. Every assumption is made that you were probably around at the genesis of some or other lotto which you religiously buy a ticket for since that’s the case with most lotteries – they’re new relative to the development of humanity.…
  • 20/12/2018
  • How to Choose the Best New Bingo Sites

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    How to Choose the Best New Bingo Sites

    The bingo sites have gained popularity in the last few months. It is no surprise because they offer casino game players amazing benefits. For instance, many new bingo sites like TheBingoOnline.com offer special discounts for new players. New players are always looking for platforms that help them to advance their skills.…
  • 11/12/2018
  • The Top 4 UK Online Slot Games for Newbies

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    The Top 4 UK Online Slot Games for Newbies

    Photo by Benoit Dare from Pexels

    Almost everyone who visits a casino for the first time tried their luck with a slot machine. The rules are quite basic, you insert the bill, wait for the machine to credit your money and press the start button or pull down the slot machine arm. You then hope that every line has the required number of the same items so you can win big.…
  • 28/11/2018
  • Tips for Vaping in a Casino

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    Tips for Vaping in a Casino

    Vaping at the Casino is certainly a great way of making the experience more fun and exciting. While the flavor of the vaping juice gives your pallets a treat, the buzz from the nicotine contained in the e-liquid allows you to enjoy the entire session. In as much as vaping is considered healthier than smoking, not all casinos allow you to enjoy a vape in the establishment. Policies on vaping vary from one casino to another. While some casinos are liberal towards vaping, others have strict anti-vaping rules. Check out the casino site before attempting.  Some casinos also allow vaping, but only in designated areas around the premises. Despite the rules, regulations and policies surrounding vaping in casinos, there are ways by which you can enjoy a vape without the need to leave the casino.…
  • 08/11/2018
  • Why We Fell In Love With Online Slots

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    Why We Fell In Love With Online Slots

    Everybody gambles online these days, don’t they? Go back to the turn of the century and you had to either find a fruit machine in the corner of a bar or head down to a physical casino if you wanted to play a slot machine. You could still do that today if you wanted to, and we’re not saying you shouldn’t. We’re sure your local casino would love your money and support, and so would your local bar! …
  • 08/11/2018
  • The Ultimate Secret to Winning with Online Slots

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    The Ultimate Secret to Winning with Online Slots

    There’s no doubt about the fact that online casinos pay out a whole lot more than traditional brick-and-mortar casinos, and there are lots of reasons for this which we won’t get into in this particular post. That would make for an entire separate topic altogether. What does come into focus in today’s post though is how many would-be serious gamblers fall by the wayside as a result of having the wrong approach to online casinos.…