Paddy Power games online

Paddy Power games online

Everyone loves to have some luck; however, it sometimes seems the same few always receive the most of it! With so many different cultures around the world, have you ever thought about how luck is perceived within different countries? Furthermore, with several countries across the globe having an abundance of lucky charms to ward away evil and the bad luck it brings, exactly how effective are they? Basing levels of luck on geographical location has numerous factors to take into account. 

First of all, let’s look into a county’s weather – nobody likes to be stuck in dreary weather all year, and thankfully for Aswan, Egypt, they only have 0.0861 millimetres a year. However, people living in the United Kingdom are not so lucky, for they receive 163 days of rain every year on average!

When it comes to gambling, the availability of it can depend on a country’s laws. The United States appears to be the luckiest when it comes to gambling as they possess the world record for the largest lottery win of all-time at $1.5 billion, while they also have 1,497 casinos – more than any other country. If you’re feeling lucky yourself, perhaps you could play some Paddy Power games online?

How do certain countries vary in degrees of luck? This infographic depicts the ten luckiest countries around the world.

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