Online Gambling Continues to Surge

Online Gambling Continues to Surge

The ongoing pandemic has hit many different businesses and individuals very hard as the impacts are being felt across the globe, but it hasn’t been bad news for all – online gambling and betting sites continue to flourish as a surge of new players join and catalogues of new games continue to be enjoyed – whilst many had thought numbers would begin to taper off as the pandemic ran its course, it seems there could be a second wave coming for both – experts are warning that the winter months could spell trouble as flu season hits and potentially increasing the infection rate of the virus too, but this second wave may also hit these online services as more new players are willing to try.

There had been efforts to curb the growth – in the UK particularly there had been a change to ban credit card betting to reduce payment options for problem players alongside the changes to the Gamstop initiative to grant it more authority, as operators work around these changes however services such as those found at Max Casinos continue to be popular as they deliver safe and reliable sites to many of these existing and newer players.

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Similar steps were taken in the advertising front – temporary restrictions had been placed on all television and radio advertising of these services to limit the growth across all audiences, some countries would even go so far as to completely ban online gambling during this period of time, others a little less strict would enact deposit and pay-out limits.

Then of course came the return of sporting events throughout June and July putting a breath of life back into the struggling betting industry, with events getting kickstarted across the globe with often increased schedules to make up for lost time, betting found a huge boom once more.

Current suggestions are leaning toward those who have recently joined will likely be retained players, if other changes such as remote working are made more permanent for a large group of the audience then it is also expected that play numbers may increase some more as those working from home may turn to their devices for a little break – as the gaming demographic moves away from the typical audience of young teen males and more toward the suggested over half of mobile gamers being women over the age of 34, the numbers certainly support this too.

It’s an exciting time for the industry – new and increasing players offer greater opportunities to grow and with new tech such as the development of Augmented and Virtual reality on the horizon for widespread use on mobile devices many of the opportunities are seemingly endless – the rounding out of the year may be crucial for the current numbers but it’s safe to say online betting and gambling have been a crucial part of the pandemic for many of us, and the post-pandemic period will be just as important for the still very quickly growing sector and with ongoing news in tech, the end of the year could round out with many of these services being available on our favourite app marketplaces too.

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