Mobile Slots: What’s Hot Right Now

Mobile Slots: What’s Hot Right Now

There’s such a thing as having too much choice. We might be approaching the point of having too much choice with mobile slots on online casinos and their sister sites. There’s never been a better time in history if slots are your preferred way of engaging with a gambling hobby; they’re everywhere, and there are thousands of them! The industry is alive with talent, and there’s rarely a day that goes by without a great new mobile slot being released onto the market by somebody.

Unless you’re the type of player who likes to keep things simple and stick with the same slot every time, that leaves you with a quandary: what should you play today? It’s a nice problem to have – it’s always better to have too many choices to pick from than none at all – but it can eat into your playing time. Different types of mobile slots will appeal to different types of players. People who like traditional mobile slots will likely stay clear of anything that has video content or multiple side games, but players who love those features don’t want to waste their money by paying into something that won’t give them any extra layers. Narrowing down the field is usually a matter of loading up a few mobile slots, reading about what makes them tick, and then trying a few from there.

What if you could shortcut that process, though? What if you knew what was popular with players right now, and therefore you could just load up a slot without wasting time doing research? A popular slot is generally a sign of quality:- people won’t spend big money on slots that don’t offer a fair return, or provide a great playing experience. If you knew where those slots were, you could just go with the crowd!

Advice like that is exactly what this website exists for. We keep an eye on what’s hot and what’s not, and we’ve picked out five mobile slots for you which we know players currently love. We’ve made sure to include at least one option for every type of player, too!

Chilli Heat

This January 2018 mobile slots game from Pragmatic Play isn’t brand new, but it’s still attracting players as if it were a brand new, red-hot release! Red-hot is the best way to describe Chilli Heat, which looks to bring fun and flavors of Mexico to your screen with plenty of fiesta spirit. As with most Pragmatic Play mobile slots, Chilli Heat easy to get into, but has more to it than meets the eye. With five reels and three rows, it will look safe and familiar to anybody who’s played mobile slots before, but there are a couple of bonus features here which elevate it above the average – and probably explain its popularity! Triggering the money re-spins feature within the slot is the key to winning big, because it’s connected to a guaranteed jackpot prize. There are 25 paylines on offer within the base game, and it’s backed up by a reasonably generous RTP of 96.52%.

3 Genie Wishes

Slots which are related to lucky symbols usually go down well with players. The Irish genre wouldn’t be half as popular as it is if we weren’t superstitious about lucky horseshoes, and pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. In folklore, you can’t get luckier than finding a genie’s lamp and getting three wishes, and that’s the theme of the 3 Genie Wishes mobile slots game, which is also by Pragmatic Play. They’re a provider who is on fire at the moment! The genie in this slot is sure to be a lot more popular than Will Smith’s recent attempt at playing a genie in the movies. If you can help the genie find his lamp in this slot, you’ll be treated to sticky wilds, raining wilds, and all the wins that come with landing wilds in bunches! It’s a bigger-feeling slot than Chilli Heat, with fifty paylines to look out for, and an RTP rate of 96.53%.

Legend Of Cleopatra

The fact that so many people are playing Playson’s Legend of Cleopatra mobile slots game right now is proof that there’s a definite audience for slots which play with conventions. Playson is normally associated with the traditional theme, but in Legend of Cleopatra, they’ve tossed heir usual playbook out the window. There are six reels instead of the usual five – and all six of those reels have differing numbers of rows on them. When you trigger the bonus features, some or all of those rows can turn wild, which boosts your chances of finding some of the 100 paylines on offer. Combine all those paylines with a generous free spins feature, and you have an exciting mobile slots game on your hands. Legend of Cleopatra, which has an RTP of 96.5%, is less complicated than it looks, and lives up to the legend of the Egyptian Queen it takes its name from.

Burning Wins

We mentioned Playson focus on the safe and traditional more than they create mobiles slots with modern themes, and so Burning Wins represents them doing what they do best. If you’re the type of player who just likes to place a bet, spin the reels, and win or lose based on what happens immediately afterward, this is the mobile slots game for you. It’s unashamedly classic. There are no hidden bonus features, no side games, and no confusing bonus symbols. Burning Wins is just you, the three reels, and your own luck. With an RTP of 96.21%, your luck should hopefully come in if you stick around for long enough. If you enjoy Burning Wins, you might also enjoy some of the sequels to the original Playson has made, such as Super Burning Wins, and Mega Burning Wins.

Fluffy Favourites

Here are a few things that will never go out of fashion: Jeans, Mercedes-Benz cars, and Fluffy Favourites. This mobile slots game, which Eyecon released over a decade ago, has defied the passing of time to stay both relevant and popular. Its graphics aren’t cutting edge anymore, and its RTP of 95.3% isn’t outstanding, but it still has a hold on our hearts. We can’t help ourselves – it’s just so cute! If you thought that playing with cuddly toys was a habit you left behind in childhood, prepare to think again. The multicolored gang of teddies and stuffed toys in Fluffy Favourites will soon be every bit as dear to you as the real-life teddy bear you used to have in your cot. There’s a lot of great innovation to go with the cuteness, too – including a bonus feature where you get to pick a cuddly toy from a glass case, and win multipliers in the process! Fluffy Favourites is a bonafide classic, and it’s no surprise to us to see that it’s still so popular. If you like what you find when you play it, you’ll be pleased to know that it has sequels like Fluffy Too, and Fluffy Fairground.

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