Is it Still Possible to Get Last-Minute Cheap Flights From Seattle

Is it Still Possible to Get Last-Minute Cheap Flights From Seattle

If you’re planning to get some fresh air outside Seattle but it’s already late, finding last-minute deals is still possible. You can get cheap flights from Seattle with a few tricks and tips.

Defining last-minute:

The word “last-minute” may mean a few days or a few months in advance. It depends on the person. If you’re booking a destination closer to your home, booking at least one month before your departure is still a sweet spot.

If you’re booking a ticket over the holidays, celebration or you have your own preferred airline, you should book at least two months ahead for domestic or six months ahead for international.

Check out some tips to bag a cheap flight from the “Emerald City”

  1. Don’t wait until the very last minute.

Do you search for the moment you decide to travel? Do not wait to find last-minute promos. You may end up paying more because of the long waiting.

  • Sign-up for newsletters and hit the notifications.

This is the time that you must do all your efforts to book a cheap flight. If you can’t stay online all the time, let the booking sites find you. There are several travel sites that alert passengers of the promos and last-minute deals through emails.

Download an app to your phone to get the latest promos. This prevents you from missing out on special deals when you need to book a flight as soon as possible.

  • Book a tour package rather than just a flight.

If you found yourself late for booking, it’s better to look for a tour package or vacation package than just simply a flight. Passengers can see savings of as much as 40 percent or more if they book a package than just a flight.

The best time to book this kind of package is at least one week before departure. Sale seats are available when it comes to hotel booking.

  • Fly to a nearby city or airport.

Last-minute flights are expected to be costly. However, if you find a nearby airport, why not land there instead of your destination?

Search airports or cities that offer cheaper flights than the hubs. From there, you can just take a bus, train, or taxi to reach your place.

  • Search on multiple sites.

Don’t just focus on one site to look for last-minute promos. Most of the time, airlines don’t give the last few seats to a third-party site. Visit the airline’s site directly to see the seat sales. If you’re checking third-party sites, check two or more sites to compare.

  • Look for early flights or red-eye flights.

Early flights are cheaper than any flights within the day. Red-eye or late-night flights are even cheaper.

There are also a lot of benefits to getting this flight. You’ll have better passenger-experience including fewer chances of delayed take-offs and landings, less turbulence, and less crowd in the airport.

  • Get tickets midweek.

Mid-week tickets are cheaper than those on Fridays and Sundays. If you can delay your flight for some days so that you don’t need to book 48 hours before your departure, do so. Choose a mid-week that is more affordable than any days of the week.

  • 8.      Be flexible on your departure dates.

If you are already looking to book an immediate flight, give at least a few choices. Don’t go for a specific day. Be flexible.

More flexibility allows more room to get a cheap flight even at the last minute. You should look at the month view on a site to check the cheapest fight they have.

  • Don’t forget the extra fees.

If you’re serious about getting a cheap ticket at the last minute, don’t overlook the extra fees that can be avoided. For example, before hitting the payment, make sure that you check the portion that ticks extra cost.

In some sites, insurance, meals, seating reservation, and baggage allowance are automatically computed to the total cost of the ticket. If you don’t need any of them, make sure to “untick” them so that you don’t pay extra charges.

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