Interesting Hotel Jobs

Interesting Hotel Jobs

When thinking about some of the interesting jobs that form part of an online casino Canada comes to mind as most of the online gaming establishments are an extension of a physical casino which likely has a resident hotel. Those are the jobs which are the most interesting and which are worthy of a closer look.

The hotel industry is a major player in our tourism economy, with hundreds of thousands of workers engaged in building and maintaining the world’s newest hotels and resorts. In fact, nine of the top 15 tourist destinations in the US are hotels or resorts, including Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago and New York City. Hotels make up roughly 40% of America’s hotel rooms and employ close to 5 million people.

Our nation’s hotels also offer a diverse range of opportunities within the workforce.

Jobs at Hotels

If you love interacting with customers and treating people right, consider working in the hotel industry. There are plenty of career opportunities for you as a hotel clerk, front desk agent, chef, hotel manager or executive assistant to a hotel owner or operator. Jobs in the hotel industry can vary widely, including tasks such as cleaning rooms, filling soda cans with ice or mixing a pitcher of drinks for the entire hotel. There are hotel positions in more than 20 different areas of the country, and hotels located in most parts of the country are required to have workers who speak both English and Spanish. So, before putting your resume on the Job portals (which was perhaps designed with the help of ARC Resumes and its likes), ensure that you have mentioned your fluency in spoken English and Spanish in the document.

Know that a job in the hotel industry can prove to be financially profitable for you. Hotel managers can make $90,000 per year while front desk workers can make $40,000 or more. Hotel managers typically have benefits including health insurance, paid vacation, and overtime pay. Front desk workers may make between $35 and $60 per hour. Besides, top-rated hotels generally provide their front desk employees with the most comfortable desk and office chair with adjustable arms, so the question of back pain should also not arise even after working for long hours. Many other hotel jobs can provide fair compensation, with many hotel positions making in excess of $30,000 per year.

Anyone who wants to work in a hotel as a job requires some degree of basic customer service training. However, customer service positions are not very well-paying. Rather than working as a customer service manager, you might prefer to start a hotel job as a dining room attendant, front desk clerk or cleaner. When working as a hotel cleaning specialist, you will use all of your housekeeping skills as well as some of your professional skills, such as managing work schedules and making guest requests. Similarly, when you are working as a stockist or an inventory manager, they would need to know how to operate equipment such as ballymore lifts, know how to keep track of the hotel’s stocks and train people in the job as well.

Interesting Jobs Within a Resort

Resorts and hotels that have multiple properties are usually very busy. In fact, they often attract thousands of visitors at a time, and there can be tight work schedules that require a lot of overtime.

One of the best ways to manage the increased workload is to start working as a resort maintenance worker. Job opportunities vary between resorts, but there are many different maintenance jobs available at resort hotels.

Resort maintenance workers often work directly with the resort owners to ensure that the properties stay clean and operating smoothly. For example, an administrative supervisor will be responsible for all hotel staff and tenants, and you might be asked to set up housekeeping schedules for rooms, water and electrical utilities, as well as updating the hotel’s directory.

At a resort hotel, you might be asked to maintain the landscaping outside the hotel. At large hotels, maintenance workers are usually involved in handling the exterior of the building. You might be asked to come in early to get the lawns and gardens ready for guests, or to clean all of the exterior surfaces of the hotel. You might also be asked to paint or remove graffiti from the brick walls of the hotel or resort. It’s also possible to work as a maintenance technician at a hotel. This job may involve handling new construction projects and fixing broken windows and building facades.

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