Increase Your Chances of Winning

Increase Your Chances of Winning

It takes chance to win a casino game. But casinos just don’t want to lose money. For that reason, the odds of winning are always set to favor the betting house. This makes it possible for very few lucky individuals to win occasionally but not continuously unless they are cheating, counting cards or just stealing the money. Besides, for every individual win, there are many other losers, so the casino makes money anyway. However, it is not entirely impossible to hack the rigid awarding system in casinos to win money. There are some relatively simple playing tricks that you can use to increase your chances of bagging the prize money.

Method 1: Know Your Game

First, you need to set your goals

You should decide whether you want to bag one big win and leave the scene or win a series of small wins for a long time. There ought to be a reason behind your play.

Have a list of games you wish to avoid

Although games with decent odds tend to be attractive, not all of them are good for you. For instance, keno, slots, and roulette require less skill and tend to have better odds but they’re notoriously in favour of the house, most of the time. Lottery tickets are tempting with huge jackpots but the chances of winning are too slim.

Mind the craps

In craps, you bet on the results of dice rolls, either against the betting house or each your table opponents. By placing odds on a number, you significantly reduce the chances of a betting house winning. Try learning about dice control technique which guarantees a particular outcome when the dice is tossed in a specific way.

Learn some blackjack

Blackjack is to casinos what Big Mac is to McDonald’s, basic! Since blackjack involves speculating the likelihood of your cumulative card’s value reaching close to but not exceeding 21, the trick is to know the odds of hitting the needed sum and then sparingly bet on the data.

Sharpen your poker/roulette skills

In poker/roulette, instead of playing against the house, you exclusively play against your peers. This is unique. One of many ways of playing poker involves placing a bet basing on strengths of your cards and hands over several iterations. This play requires great poker skills.

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Method 2: Play smart all the time

Familiarise yourself with the games

The only path to knowing the odds and strategies in any casino is to understand its rules. When you place a bet oblivious of house regulations, there is little difference between losing your money there and just throwing it the in the gutter. If you ask other players about the rules, they will gladly mislead you so that you lose your money to them. You need to be an ace in playing poker, blackjack, craps, keno and roulette.

Practice makes perfect

Knowing rules is just half the path to winning; you need to learn how each game works, especially if you are considering playing poker.

Know when to stop betting

The amount of money you can lose in gambling is unlimited, especially when you lack the rules that draw your limits. Walking away when it is enough is the hardest decision any gambler can make. Don’t lead yourself into falsely thinking the odds are in your favour if you are having a streak of winnings.

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Method 3: Aim at Beating the Odds

Be the king of poker by outplaying your opponents

Poker, unlike other games of chance, your success is determined by best cards you deal as well as the ability to outplay your peers on the table. Learn your opponent’s habits by staying close to them then place your bets carefully.

In blackjack, math is paramount

Blackjack is much of a strategy than personality. There is a bunch of mathematical strategies that you can apply.

Do not split fives in any case because they definitely add up to 10 and these are great odds.

Only split at the correct time. Split your cards into two if you got two unique suits. Never split 10s or split face cards because they can add up to 20, a good score.

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