How to Get More Rewards Playing Bingo Online

How to Get More Rewards Playing Bingo Online

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It’s nice to be able to enjoy some quick gaming sessions every now and then. According to the latest statistics, over 3.4 million people switch to online bingo sessions whenever they need some entertainment. It’s really not surprising to see the growth in popularity, especially since online bingo is both simple and very rewarding. You too can get more rewards and win cash prizes when playing the game with these next three tips we are about to discuss in this article.

Use Bonuses and Events to Your Advantage

There is one proven method you should use when you want to win more playing bingo online: play more bingo cards. As you increase the number of cards you play, you are increasing the odds of winning as well. If you’re playing free bingo, picking up extra cards is not a problem. If it’s a paid game you want to play, however, you need to buy the extra cards.

This is where bonuses and events come in. Online bingo rooms are offering bonuses and free cards on a regular basis. For example, Play Sugarhouse has an annual bingo tournament coming up, and it is awarding loyalty invites to those who have played via the site before.

Use Automatic Dabbing

I know it’s fun to do the dabbing yourself, even when you’re playing online. It’s part of the thrill of playing bingo in the first place. When your goal is to get cash rewards and you start playing more cards, however, you need to turn on the automatic dabbing feature.

Automatic dabbing means you only need to sit back and relax as the session progresses. The called numbers are marked on your cards automatically by the system. This means you don’t have to worry about missing any number and not hitting Bingo on time.

There is also another advantage of using automatic dabbing: you can play side games as the online bingo session progresses. Speaking about side games….

Play Side Games and Win More

Most – if not all – online bingo platforms now offer side games. The side games can be anything from scratch cards to online Blackjack, slot games, and other casino games. Some of these side games offer real cash prizes and can be played for free; this is the kind of offer you need to benefit from.

You can, for instance, get free scratch cards as you buy more bingo cards. Be sure to open the scratch card for extra rewards. You can win anything from more free cards to large jackpots. Other games such as Blackjack are beatable by nature, which means you can win extra money while you enjoy your bingo sessions.

There are still more tips you can use to stay ahead of the game when playing online bingo, but we’re going to save them for another discussion. Remember that online bingo is a fun way to spend your free time, so find exciting sessions to join, play the number of cards you can afford to play and pursue those gigantic jackpots. You can be the next player to win big.

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