How to Get a Feel for Winning Odds

How to Get a Feel for Winning Odds

I’ll be honest – although I attribute my success in professionalising what is otherwise the pastime of gambling to honing my skills and developing winning strategies that work for me, sometimes it is about luck and sometimes it goes all the way to being pure luck. I mean there were days when I woke up in the morning on the right side of the bed, feeling lucky and just not being able to shake that lucky feeling. Forget lady luck — this is the type of luck which has you calling in sick at work so that you can take full advantage of it, if you work at a traditional job, that is.

I’ve learned to never let this lucky feeling go to waste and often it works out really well because for a brief moment all those strategies I’ve worked hard to develop throughout my life and all those skills I’ve accumulated go out the window and I place bets which are dependent on pure luck. I would play the lottery for instance or even the power-ball lottery which has even fewer odds than the laughable odds of the “regular” lotto. Heck, I usually even just play one line of numbers and with my analytical approach to gambling, I won’t even being to discuss the [non-]odds of winning something like the lottery.

Now I’ve never won the lottery (do you think I’d broadcast that if I did though?), but I’ve damn near come close on a few of those occasions when I woke up feeling really lucky. I’m talking here getting all the numbers right except for the all-important power-ball on one occasion, so too getting three out of six numbers right, plus the bonus ball to have me cashing all the way in. Not really some life-changing amounts if you’re not a strategist, otherwise that has made for some serious capital I could plough into my skills-based gambling exploits and make further profits in the form of gambling winnings.

This lucky feeling is as much a curse as it is a blessing however because it can lure one into a false sense of having the full measure of how to gauge winning odds. If you want to get a feel for the winning odds any casino game offers you on the specific day that you’re taking your chance, it needs to happen in the absence of that “lucky feeling”.

I may sound like I’m contradicting myself here, but your gut feeling does have something to do with it in that there are just some machines or tables which you hesitate to gravitate towards. If that happens you must stay away. Even if you love the seclusion of private gaming rooms and the likes, you’re more likely to win where all the pandemonium is — where there are a lot of other punters taking their shot at the big time and where there are more of these gamblers continually adding to things like the progressive jackpot or the “pot”.

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