How to Find an Asylum Attorney for a Case

How to Find an Asylum Attorney for a Case

There are a lot of reasons why a certain person travels to the United States. Most of the time it would be due to visiting the country out of interest or could be because of a family member, for occupation, foreign studies, and special events. However, some of the time it may be due to the reason of threat.

When faced with life-threatening status in your own mother country because of socioeconomic factors (i.e., ethnicity, race, gender, religion, political stand), you can seek asylum in the United States. For Asylum seekers, it would be a bit of a complex journey, this is why it is crucial and recommended to have a legal representative by your side. To know how to find an asylum attorney for a case, here are some of the few details to note on.

  • Ask for Advice

Those who know someone in the United States, most specifically someone that had been granted asylum, he or she might be the best person to ask advice from where to get a legitimate lawyer. This could be a lot advantageous if the adviser also came from the same country as the seeker, making the case and validity of the attorney more reliable and relieving.

If no one fits the criteria above, asking a family member or friend that lives in the country can also be a good head start. However, it may or may not be the same case as the seeker has. Therefore, it would be best to be direct on what kind of attorney is needed.

  • Find a Non-Profit Organization

A lot of non-profit organizations help in assisting immigrants, some of them assist them free of charge if the seeker meets the agency’s criteria. Other than immigration non-profit organizations, it is also best to find non-profit groups that are dedicated to the reason for seeking asylum.

An example would be if the reason is due to religious beliefs, finding an organization that is solely based on a similar religion would be a good method to ask for support and assistance. However, when making a choice for your options of which organization to choose, you must rely on data based on their social impact measurement. This will help you get a clear picture of the agency and if your ideals align with them.

  • Verification of Law Groups and Attorneys

Finding a fitted lawyer for a case is one, but verifying if he or she is licensed and legitimate is another. The seeker must make sure to do a background check over his or her attorney to know if he is qualified to be representing you.

It is also good to consider hiring an attorney who has malpractice insurance, this is to assure that whether the lawyer makes a mistake with the case, the insurance can cover the damages. One thing to be aware of is hiring a notary – hiring one would be useless in any case for they are not licensed to practice law and would end up not representing you in court.

  • Maximize the Consultation

It is best to have an initial consultation of more than one attorney before deciding who to hire. For asylum seekers, there are quite plenty of attorneys who offer free initial consultations, however, some do charge around $75 to $100 for a consult.

With or without fee, it is best to maximize the initial consultation. Observe how the attorneys quickly back to you, if they get back within a week, it could be a potential candidate – if they get back to you after weeks or months, it is best to drop the wishful thinking. When it comes to finding a legal representative, always settle to those who can fully give your case the attention it needs.


Once the initial consultation has been done, the interviews will then progress and the journey starts from there. Overall, it is always best to take a step back and find the legitimate representative that can assist and help you with your specific case. In dealing with legal matters, it is desirable to have the best possible attorney suited on the case.

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