How To Continue Enjoying Game Night During Coronavirus

How To Continue Enjoying Game Night During Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has spread rapidly around the world forcing full countries and industries to effectively shut down overnight, and whilst this has brought a lot of fear, confusion and anxiety with it, it’s also allowed people to become quite resourceful in how they adapt to the ever-changing situation. Everything is up in the air at the moment and people are doing what they can to get through this time with minimal stress, however, that is not always the case, as it can be difficult to adapt to a situation that no one, currently living, has been in before. Stress reduction is key, whether this is through using natural-based medications which you can find out more about online, to having regular game nights in a virtual setting whether that be in a family or a company.

Companies who would never have considered the possibility of their staff being able to work from home now have new systems in place to do just that, and many are even seeing that this could have a positive impact on their business going forward.

Another area that has been massively affected is our social lives. Whether it’s through not being able to visit each other at home or having to keep a safe distance without the usual hugs and handshakes when we do see each other, the pandemic is causing a lot of things to change in the way we used to socialise.

If, for example, you’re used to meeting up with your friends for dinner and drinks once a month, or you all take turns of hosting a game night where you play poker and other casino games together, then you might be wondering if this is ever going to be something you’ll be able to enjoy again.

The good news is, you likely will be, though it might just take some time. However, in the meantime, you do have some workarounds, which we’re going to share with you in this post.

Have A Virtual Game Night:

Video conferencing softwares such as Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams have grown rapidly in popularity since the beginning of this pandemic, and with good reason: they allow groups of people from all over the world to connect without leaving their homes.

Whether it’s been for work meetings, to chat with family and friends or even have a Zoom party where people get together over a few beers or a bottle of wine, these softwares are making a lot of things possible for us right now.

So, why not host a virtual game night with your friends using something like Zoom? Of course, it might take a little more planning, depending on which games you normally play together, but it’s certainly one way of making sure you don’t lose out on the social aspect until we’re all allowed to meet up in person again.

Join An Online Casino:

If you’re missing your weekly game of Poker or Blackjack, then you could also consider signing up for one of the many online casino promotions to be found online. Depending on the casino you choose, you may even be able to invite your friends to join in, so you could effectively have your virtual game night through their platform and play live games.

Many online casinos offer great incentives to new members, such as free spins and new player bonuses to help get you started.

Meet Outside:

As we’re starting to see restrictions being eased in some places, there are constantly new rules around what you can and cannot do, where you can go and how many people you’re allowed to meet up with.

Many of these relaxed regulations apply to meeting up outdoors, so if you’re in an area that allows you to meet friends outdoors, then you should definitely consider this as an option. For example, if you have a larger garden, you could invite a couple of friends over and have your game night there.

Of course, as long as you’re being sensible, following guidelines, and the weather is decent, then it really shouldn’t be too different to what you’re used to.

Making sure you’re keeping up to date with the local and national restrictions regarding this pandemic is really important as they can change within a matter of hours sometimes, and people have been fined a lot of money for unknowingly breaking the rules.

Have A Socially Distanced Game Night:

To follow on from the point above, if you’re in an area that has been relaxing restrictions around socialising, then you could even be allowed to have people in your house or visit theirs, providing that you’re taking the correct precautions and maintaining a social distance.

It’s understandable that these tips aren’t ideal and probably not anywhere near what you’ve become used to, but for now, situations and planning like this is  just going to be a part of life until this virus is under control one way or another.

We hope that you’ve found the list helpful and that you can find a compromise that works for you and your friends until such times as we’re all able to get back to normal and you can enjoy proper game nights and parties with your friends and loved ones once again.

Things might be different for a little while longer, but it won’t last forever.

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