Hitting the Big-Time Casino Jackpot

Hitting the Big-Time Casino Jackpot

I remember the very first time I won a big casino jackpot and didn’t quite know what to do next, even though I’d been at this gambling thing for quite some time before actually hitting the big time for the very first time. I had previously won a couple of thousands of dollars and since I was still learning and learning very quickly, I might add, inevitably the house designs this whole gambling thing in such a way that you end up giving back most if not all of those little winnings.

The major lesson learned out of this is that at the very least you should change tables or slots machines once you’ve won. This is particularly true for slots machines, which are programmed to give back a certain portion of the house’s takings in winnings. The luck element comes into play based on which slots machine is programmed to give its allocated portion of the winnings back, so there is still an element of luck to hitting the slots machines. So yeah, if a certain slots machine has given you some money, change to a new one if you’re going to continue playing and don’t beat yourself up if someone else comes in after you and wins what appears to be some big takings on the same machine you just left. It’s all about consistency in your strategy and consistency is what will pay off in the long run.

Now, that’s as far as smaller winnings go, some of which are undoubtedly quite significant. What should you do when you hit the big time and win a big jackpot? Firstly, allow yourself to be taken by the moment and celebrate your win. Chances are the house will want to milk this win for everything it’s worth in terms of the publicity offered, so you might be lured into some sort of parade in which the casino basically shows you off.

Just be careful of the terms and conditions of what they may offer you in complement to your jackpot winnings. Don’t agree or “sign up” to anything until you have the cheque of your jackpot winnings in your hands or until you have an invoice in your hands which guarantees that your winnings will be paid into your account within a specified timeframe. That’s how casinos prefer to pay out these days since it’s safer for both parties involved, but mostly for the jackpot winner.

The reason why you shouldn’t agree or sign up to anything is because casino operators will try and get back as much of the money you won from them as possible, like perhaps offering you a night in their presidential suite of the resident casino hotel, which is fine if the terms clearly stipulate that you won’t be charged for it, in other words, if the cost of staying in the offered presidential suite won’t be deducted from your winnings.

My best advice though is to take the money and run. Cash out and go home. You can always come back later and try your luck again, but in the heat of the moment, you should just quit while you’re ahead, in which case you’d be miles ahead in this instance.

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