Getting a Good Measure of Game Rules

Getting a Good Measure of Game Rules

Okay, so I often get questions of just how I do it — questions of how I manage to master just about any casino game, be it a skills game like any one of the many Poker variations or even something like slots machines. I mean a slots machine is a game of pure luck and chance, isn’t it? Well yes, but there is a trick to giving yourself the best odds of winning, whatever your flavour of gambling may be.

With something like Texas Hold’em Poker your chances of winning are in some way proportional to your level of skill in the game, so too with something like sports betting. However, with other games that give you a chance to win or lose money the scales are tipped more towards luck playing the main role in your chances of winning. Either way, there’s one trick to always giving yourself the best odds of winning and that is getting a good measure of the rules of the game.

Gamblers often underestimate the power of simply knowing the rules of the game they’re playing, particularly with regards to the impact this has on their chances of winning or losing and in fact winning or losing big. You first have to know the rules before you can even dream of winning big unless you’re a gambler in the true sense of the term and you leave everything to chance. If you do that though, you may win occasionally and perhaps even win big once or twice, however, if you were to look back at the money you won and lost throughout your gambling “career,” it would make for a rather sad story of how you lost a lot more money than you’ll ever win — money which you could perhaps have used to maybe start a business or something like that.

I’ll address sports betting in a bit as well, but for now, I’ll start with the typical casino game. First and foremost, master the game that is Poker. Yes, Poker is indeed a family of games which are based on cards, combining luck (gambling), skill and strategy and you’ll do yourself a huge favour if you master the basics of Poker. Take any poker variation and you’ll realise they’re all pretty much the same in that there is “showdown” which every element of the game leads to, a showdown which will have you winning or losing (or winning/losing to a certain degree) based on this combination of luck, skill and strategy during the build up to the showdown.

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If you know the rules then you can make use of almost any hand you’re dealt to ensure you get the best odds of winning during the showdown and if you take a look at just about any casino or table game, it is indeed in some or other way based on the principles of Poker.

As far as sports betting goes, pretty much the same applies, except here there are no cards involved. The cards are replaced by the sports teams which are featured in the betting wager.

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