Do You Really Make Your Own Luck?

Do You Really Make Your Own Luck?

One of the most commonly used mantras used by people who are of the belief that you do indeed make your own luck is that of how “you’ll never win the lotto if you don’t by a ticket.” Fair enough, however, I believe if they want to make a further-reaching impact with this belief then they shouldn’t use gambling analogies. It might be better fitting to try and ratify the belief with reference to a more widely-acceptable mantra such as that of how “showing up is half the job done!”

The slots machines with bonuses analogy

It’s no secret that I’m a gambling man – you’d be totally lost if you found yourself on this blog and weren’t 100% sure what it’s all about. So, to that effect, even if I might be sharing a bit of motivational content, inevitably all roads lead back to the gambling industry in some or other way, hence the analogy of the slots machines with bonuses.

The gist of it, all in the name of driving the point home of course, is that if you don’t take a punt at a physical casino, an online casino, or perhaps even on an online sportsbook (and it’s physical betting tab equivalent), not only will you never be in with a chance of winning, but you’ll definitely miss out on possible extra benefits such as the bonuses which are often attached to online betting accounts in particular. Some of these bonuses exist as promotions such as a so-called welcome bonus, which can get as generous as having whatever amount you initially deposit to bet with matched by 100%.

That puts a literal spin on the phrase “showing up is half the job done,” doesn’t it?

Digging deeper into the slots machines with bonuses analogy

So I mentioned the need to transcend the casino, betting & gambling industry with any motivational mantras that one might want to champion, simply because in some spheres of society anything and everything related to taking a punt in this way is boxed up into one category and discarded completely. I might have a great lesson in mathematical statistics and something like data analysis to teach a pastor, for instance, but since that pastor might be totally against the entire institution of betting and gambling, the lesson would be lost if I used gambling analogies…

Equal access to slots machines with bonuses?

All of this brings into perspective the very reason why some people do indeed believe that you make your own luck and others don’t. On a personal level, while I do believe that there is such a thing as good fortune, generally speaking I definitely fall in line with those who believe that you do indeed make your own luck. Okay, so drilling down to the numbers, it’s not precisely half the job that is done just by showing up, but in order for you to increase your chances of benefitting from any good fortune which might be waiting for you, you do indeed have to show up. You have to make the effort, set the wheels into motion and simply take a chance.

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