Consistently Beating the Odds – How the Pros Do It

Consistently Beating the Odds – How the Pros Do It

The legend of the professional gambler isn’t quite the myth it’s made out to be. I’m living proof that one can indeed live out their lives as a gambling pro, but that’s exactly what it requires – the type of dedication which turning professional in any “occupation” would require. As far as consistently beating the odds to earn our money though, how do you reckon the pros do it?

Winners know when to stop

I hate to be spewing what may seem like clichés from here and on, but this is definitely one of those instances during which there is so much truth to a cliché. There is a whole lot more to the saying “Winners know when to stop,” one which is undeniably synonymous with the gambling industry at large. Ordinarily this tagline of sorts is quoted as a means through which to encourage gamblers not to pick up any habits which would lead them down the path of gambling addiction, but as far as this goes with professional gamblers it’s simply a betting strategy to live by.

What it means is that whenever you play any odds-based casino game (all casino games are based on odds), as soon as there is an indication that you’ve beaten the odds, that’s when you need to stop and start all over again with your odds-analysis strategy. For example, if you have a look at the odds of the roulette (we’ll use the US roulette for simplicity), statistically speaking the 37-to-1 winning odds mean that if you were to place bets over a prolonged period, one out of every 37 bets will have you picking the right number, if of course you’re betting on one number.

Now, the “winners-know-when-to-stop” strategy comes into play if for example within the first 37 spins you land the winning number, that’s when it’s time to stop and then perhaps turn to a different casino game. It could even just be a different roulette table or a different online casino if you’re doing your gambling online.

Betting success leaves clues

When you’re experienced enough as a bettor you tend to pick up on certain clues that it might just be time to go bigger with your bets in anticipation of the odds falling in your favour. That’s where casino free spins come into play, in that you can use these just to analyse the odds so that you can make much more “informed” bets when playing with some of your own credit.

No pain, no gain

This simply means you need to get used to the feeling of losing money sometimes. Don’t be afraid to take hits – losing is part of the process and, in sticking with our US roulette example, that would entail something like learning to be comfortable with the feeling of taking 36 out of 37 hits and holding out for that one big win when the one number you’re betting consistently lands out of 37. Of course things become more complicated when you factor-in something like betting multiple numbers, but that’s just part of what it means to be a pro gambler.

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