• 31/07/2017
  • Five unusual bingo bust ups

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    Five unusual bingo bust ups

    Its traditionally considered to be a reserved game, much loved by Werther’s Originals enthusiasts and saggy tights supporters, but bingo has seen its fair share of scraps over the years, some so serious that it begs the question; wouldn’t it be easier, and safer, to play online bingo instead? We’ll list five of the strangest punch ups at the bingo halls. So what really goes on when you play in the halls and not online bingo?…
  • 19/07/2017
  • Beginner’s Luck Comes in Different Forms

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    Beginner’s Luck Comes in Different Forms

    Novels have been written about it; movies have been made about it and philosophical concepts have been developed to try and harness it – all I know is beginner’s luck does indeed exist and there’s perhaps no better representation of this phenomenon than the different forms you see it in as it plays out in the world of casinos and gambling.…