Best Casinos in Canada

Best Casinos in Canada

The United States of America might be synonymous with the gambling scene in regards to casinos with Las Vegas and Atlantic City, however heading north of the border and into Canada will also provide some top places whereby bettors can play games and place wagers.

Canada has always been a popular destination for tourists, however the country has also become a haven for those that do enjoy a flutter.

Of course, with the way the casino industry is, the use of virtual online casinos have also increased within the nation, whilst there are also a number of top physical establishments that can be visited. For those that do prefer the Canadian online casinos, then there are plenty of top-quality sites already available to access.


Ontario is home to a number of the best casinos in Canada and in the world. Casino Niagara is perhaps considered to be one of the best in the region and the country as it has over 13,000 slot machines, as well as over 30 gambling tables. There is a specialist poker room which is used for tournament matches with big-names in the sport.

Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino is also available to bettors in Ontario, and this particular establishment is thought to be the biggest casino in the country. The poker room has more than 14 tables available to play at, whilst there is a lobby full of slot machines and other gaming tables.

Casino Rama is another in the Ontario state and is one that should be on the list of casino destinations for punters to visit when they are in Canada. There are thought to be over 25,000 game machines in one lobby, whilst there are over 100 gaming tables available as well. Top performers from the music industry have all entertained at the casino as well.

Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort is the last casino in Ontario that should be on the list to visit as there is a stunning view that accompanies being at the casino establishment. There are over 3,000 slot machines available, whilst the hotel offers punters a luxury stay.


For those that visit Quebec, the Casino De Montreal should be the number one destination for casino players as it is considered to be one of the largest casinos in the world. It is believed around 18,000 people visit the casino on a daily basis, with over 100 gaming tables available to play at.


The Cree Resort Casino in Alberta was the first casino to have been established in the province and it is still one of the best to visit. There are over 1,100 slot machines available, as well as 39 tables and a dedicated poker room, therefore catering to the needs of everyone. This particular casino also offers visitors the opportunity to have a membership card, which is free of cost.

Northlands Park Casino is another casino that should be visited, as it is famous for its horse racing betting games, although that will have been helped as the casino is situated next to a horse track. There are also over 550 slot machines, as well as tables for all the popular games expected to be found at a casino.

British Columbia

For those looking for a posh-looking casino, the St. Eugene Casino in British Columbia is a top destination. Although it is not a 24/7 establishment, the casino still provides punters with excellent gaming and eating facilities. There are 240 slot machines and four table games available, whilst the scenery is perhaps the main attraction of this hugely popular casino.

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