Beginner’s Luck Comes in Different Forms

Beginner’s Luck Comes in Different Forms

Novels have been written about it; movies have been made about it and philosophical concepts have been developed to try and harness it – all I know is beginner’s luck does indeed exist and there’s perhaps no better representation of this phenomenon than the different forms you see it in as it plays out in the world of casinos and gambling.

Classic Beginner’s Luck (Good Fortune)

This is beginner’s luck as it exists in its purest form, which is the fortune that comes with a beginner just putting themselves in the mix and trying things out without really knowing how half of the rules work! It’s how we all learn though and for the most part I encourage it amongst newbie gamblers, especially those who harbour ambitions of joining the ranks of us professional gamblers whose mileage in the field sees us consistently making a profit out of gambling. Embrace it and just take a chance, but a word of advice would be that of taking a breather whenever you win big.

Hitting up a New Casino

While classic beginner’s luck as discussed above refers to the blind fortune that tends to follow gamblers who don’t quite fully understand the rules of the game they’re playing and they subsequently don’t have any developed betting strategy to speak of, beginner’s luck also exists in the form of the luck you experience if you visit a new casino. Fortunately this kind of beginner’s luck is the preserve of every gambler, even for the seasoned veterans like us.

This type of beginner’s luck is a lot more generous than the many other forms it comes in, in that sometimes you experience it just by visiting a casino you’ve not been to in a while and not necessarily a brand new one you’ve never been to before.

New Player Bonuses

If you’ve ever wondered just what exactly the phrase “you make your own luck” really means, now is your chance to get the full low-down! There’s a kind of beginner’s luck which is up for grabs to any gambler who hits up a new online betting platform for the first time, such as signing up to the Bet365 online casino using a promotional code. That is indeed the secret to harvesting this beginner’s luck that’s there for the taking – the promotional code. I certainly wish I’d known about this back when I was starting out, but yeah, that’s the type of beginner’s luck that falls right into your lap.

Inadvertent Re-Spins

Novice gamblers tend to make this “mistake” a lot, where they inadvertently place the exact same bet they just placed. It can work out to your favour and it seems to work out well in the case of it being an honest mistake, something you often see with gamblers who are still learning the ropes.

Erratic Skill Game Strategies

This is perhaps the most annoying format in which beginner’s luck exists, certainly in the eyes of the more experience gamblers like Texas Hold ‘em Poker players who just can’t seem to read the novice player at the same table. You cannot figure out the “poker face” of a beginner poker player because they don’t have one!

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