A Taste of the Traditional Casino

A Taste of the Traditional Casino

I’ll tell you what — in a world where everybody who walks through their grandiose doors is expected to have deep pockets, it is indeed a different experience for me ambling into the Casino Monte Carlo now than just a couple of short years ago. You see now they sort of know me — which casino worth mentioning doesn’t? Now I feel a lot more welcomed than I did when I first visited as a “nobody” and while I might have had my reservations about what seems to be a classism system back then, now I’m all for it because you do indeed have to earn your keep in the world of professional gambling.

I’ll be upfront with you — any casino which you visit doesn’t really want you there unless you’re prepared to spend some money, although technically they can’t keep you away or throw you out. Traditional casinos such as the Monte Carlo, however, get as close to making you feel like you either belong or you don’t as possible, instituting the likes of dress code checks and also rather pointedly having someone accompany you to the table or slot you’ve indicated an interest in trying your luck on. It’s a lot like entering a fine dining establishment, but before you’re allowed in the butler quickly scans you up and down to see if you adhere to the dress code and then you’re led inside with a welcome that makes you either feel like you belong or that you perhaps need to go and work harder before you next come back. No matter…

It’s all the same and I’ll give you a top tip, albeit that it stems from an unofficial source and isn’t officially part of the casino’s code of conduct proper — the slots machines are for the opposite of the high-rollers, even though the smallest denomination of the currency you can bet with is comparatively high when pitted against other casinos. However, you never quite get overwhelmed by expectation to act a certain way or to keep spending money like you have an endless supply of the stuff. Once you’re seated and are going about your business of enjoying some gambling fun, that’s exactly what it’s all about — enjoying yourself.

The tables are for the high-rollers though and you earn a certain air of extra respect if you take your seat to place your chips on the roulette tables or enjoy a nice game of blackjack. That’s the great part about trying your luck in what is a truly traditional casino — you get to enjoy the culture surrounding the traditional casino experience.

It is indeed all about the glitz and the glam and your money scrimping side has to be put on the back-burner for the duration of your visit, otherwise you’ll feel like you’re totally out of place. Even the resident slots machine terrace – the Casino Cafe de Paris – holds a minimum bet of €10, but if you really want to come away from Monte Carlo having had a true taste of what the traditional casino experience is all about, hit the open air gaming terraces, but don’t let the majestic views distract you!

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