6 Tips to Heighten Betting Skills in Australian Football League

6 Tips to Heighten Betting Skills in Australian Football League

The Australian Football League or the AFL is quite popular in the country and nearly every Australian is keen to follow the sport. Every online sportsbook related to the AFL keeps tabs on the player’s history, their skills, their achievements, and also on the betting trends. Aussie Rules is a popular pastime and the popularity has extended to Europe as well.

The game boasts of first recorded matches in 1859 and the evolution in the sport, the key elements are still in place. The Grand Final is also one of the best-attended club championship events and marks an important day for Australian sports fans.

AFL supporters like commemorating their wins and defeats in many ways, including purchasing team shirts and other merchandise (like the canberra raiders shop). In fact, many people are so enthralled by the games that they constantly try their hand at predicting if the team they like will win the main event. Although certain levels might be one-sided, AFL is usually competitive. With a season-long bet now available, short-term wagers may still be placed during the AFL season.

Australian Football League can have a lot of platforms where betting can take place. To know one such platform one can click here and know more about Aussie Rules betting and get a view of all the action throughout the season. With online bookmakers expanding on the market’s pricing on a weekly basis, wager on the AFL to get good returns.

Here’s how one can heighten betting skills in Australian Football League:

1. Check the weather conditions before betting

Moneyline markets offer the simplest way of betting every week with routine match predictions. The bettor can predict between a Home Win, Draw or Away Win with odds available for each instance and scenario.

Check the weather conditions throughout the season. The AFL is played during winters and the weather can be unpredictable and could impact the outcome of a contest. Windy conditions cannot deliver a high-scoring game hence always analyse the forecast.

2. Check the nature of the pitch before betting

Pitches do become boggy during windy or wet conditions and the inclement features poor visibility too affecting the games and the bets. Such games are low-scoring mostly so it is advantageous to opt for Over and Unders betting.

3. Choose the players and scoreline based on their recent form

One should know that bookmakers price up the opening contest in November. A tie means the game will go over time. Some bookmakers offer no price for the draw and will pay upon predictions on the outcome of the match.  The prices are set as per recent form. Players who have been out of form or fitness being reintroduced do inspire improved displays, hence check them.

4. Opt for the Over/ Under market for minimal risk

Most people bet on the Over/Under market since it does not include picking a winner. Some are high-scoring games while some are low-scoring ones. The totals are determined by bookmakers with prices set recent form. It is highly recommended to go Overs when two teams with firepower are clashing in the contest. If both sides are not great on scoring points, consider Unders. As mentioned before, windy and wet conditions usually don’t feature a high-scoring game so place Over/Under bets accordingly.

5. Pay heed to team News

Teams often go on a losing spree owing to a key player’s absence or injury. If they have to field inexperienced full-backs, witness them drop points more often than not. Without fielding players that are good in the positions, a good team could be impacted on the results front in the AFL. Do not bet just because of their past wins since the team news is important in assessing whether their game will be of top-notch quality or not.

6. Consider the Underdog Team while Betting

There are multiple shocks in every AFL season. Some unfancied teams can just start winning with a smart playing style. Different teams have been winning the Grand Final in the AFL over the last decade. The unpredictable nature of the game and results mean that underdog teams should not be ignored. Never assume the favourites will emerge victorious every week.

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