Best Casinos To Visit

Best Casinos To Visit

Casinos are going literally mushrooming around the world and they are all revolving around a word; BIG! Yes, that’s right. In today’s lifestyle, the bigger a casino is, the better it is considered. Modern casinos offer a range of choices for the amusements of their dear players and seem to endlessly try to exceed each other. However, there have been some casinos that outshined the others and found their way on our best casinos to visit list. You might want to consider these on your next trip…

The Venetian Macao

Located in Macao, China, it is positioned on the number one place of most of the best casino listings. The Venetian Macao is a five-star, luxurious hotel casino with a perfect infrastructure that supports restaurants, shops and even hotel accommodations. If we had to talk about the Gaming area, the casino excels at it! In fact, it features a total area of 546,000 square feet supporting over three thousand gaming machines on its gaming ground. You can enjoy fantastic slot and casino games that vary in terms of low, medium and high stakes tables and machines. There are tons of tables offering Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat. There is even a VIP Club; The Paiza Club. Amazing, na?

Casino Lisboa

Time to check out this outstanding casino in Portugal! Casino Lisboa covers a gaming area of 165,000 square feet, a section of the casino that supports over 700 slot machines. Here, players are treated with the best of table and card games. And there is no way you are getting out from Lisboa, bored. 22 Gaming tables are set for your entertainment along with fancy bars, restaurants and even a theatre for the clients. You can always tune up this best casino and play one of its hottest game; Poker! This game surpasses the other 26 card games variants offered at the casino!

The Borgata

Drop by the Borgata in Atlantic City to enjoy some amazing and high-quality casino games. Actually, the casino is decorated and themed in an Egyptian Style. Make us remember the famous Cleopatra Slot, isn’t it? Well, you can enjoy over four thousand slot machines and hundreds of gaming tables carefully set in place to offer you some fun. Games featured at this outstanding casino are Blackjack, Baccarat as well as Poker… all the popular card games you would say. But Roulette also seems to be the vogue around The Borgata. In addition, there are not only casino games; you can have restaurants, nightclubs and the largest inn in New Jersey, all comprised in The Borgata.

Sands Macao

Do you know what’s fun? Going for some rounds of slots at Sands Macao! It is as fun as playing online on Bingo Extra, where you will encounter a series of online casino games. Located in the land of casinos, also known as China Macao, the gaming area for this casino covers a total area of 229,000. There are over 750 varieties of slots to be played here. Plus, around 1000 card and table games set for amusement. The casino also prides on the various amenities it offers like Wi-Fi rooms, pool, spa, hotel accommodations, gym and bars.

MGM Grand Las Vegas

Ever thought of the perfect combination of a luxurious hotel and a casino? Well, GM Grand Las Vegas is the perfect example. It is the largest single hotel in the USA and once it was the largest casino in the world. In fact, there are sixteen restaurants, five outdoor pools and nightclubs at the resort. For lovebirds who wish to take it to the extra mile, there is even a wedding chapel! Enjoy the best casino games and slots at this posh location. You will be able to get a glimpse of traditional Blackjack, Baccarat and even Poker alongside their gorgeous adaptations. For some memorable moments and the perfect resort for holidays, it is right at MGM Grand Las Vegas!

These incredible casino destinations should make it to your bucket list. With these top five casinos of the world, you might get an idea to which country you are heading to on your next trip. Obviously, if you wish to have some amusement right away, online bingo sites like Bingo Extra are readily proposing the best slot games. Ready for the fun?

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