• 19/07/2017
  • Beginner’s Luck Comes in Different Forms

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    Beginner’s Luck Comes in Different Forms

    Novels have been written about it; movies have been made about it and philosophical concepts have been developed to try and harness it – all I know is beginner’s luck does indeed exist and there’s perhaps no better representation of this phenomenon than the different forms you see it in as it plays out in the world of casinos and gambling.…
  • 10/07/2017
  • Online Betting Games to for Gamblers Who Are On the Move

    You could very well be on a roll with your lucky streak suggesting that you’d walk away a millionaire if you played on forever, but the truth is every gambling session is always brought to an abrupt end long before you’re satisfied and perhaps feel it’s time to go and cash out your winnings. It happens all too often when one is at a physical casino, with the management announcing that they’re “closing the table after the next five spins” or something like that, simply because you’re “killing the house” with the winnings that come with your lucky streak.…
  • 05/07/2017
  • Why Successful Entrepreneurs Can’t Resist the Thrill of the Spin

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    Why Successful Entrepreneurs Can’t Resist the Thrill of the Spin

    I really thought I’m the only one who considers himself to be a successful entrepreneur and has that somehow being interlinked with an inability to resist the thrill of the spin. The truth is that I’m not in fact the only one – it appears to be a universal thing amongst entrepreneurs who have figured out how to make it happen and for once in my life I was interested to find out just exactly why this is so.…